Metropolitan Club Grand Staircase at Main Entrance
Metropolitan Club Main Entrance

When You Visit

Please make a note of the following house rules before you visit the Metropolitan Club. Call the Front Desk if you have questions. (202) 835-2500


Personal Communication Devices

The use of cell phones and other electronic devices is prohibited in the Club, except for in the Correspondence Lounge, lobby telephone booths, private dining rooms, and guest rooms. Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests are aware of and comply with this policy. The Board has directed the Club’s staff to ask members and guests to observe this rule. The Board shall address repeat member offenders of this policy with a letter of caution and may suspend, censure, or take other disciplinary action against such members for subsequent violations.

Dress Code

Members and guests must wear appropriate attire at all times while in the Clubhouse public spaces.  For gentlemen this means wearing a suit, jacket or blazer, dress shirt, necktie (no string ties, ascots, or turtlenecks), and appropriate dress shoes (no white rubber-soled shoes and no dress sneakers).  For ladies this means tailored clothing, including dresses, suits, or pants with jackets of equivalent formality (no bare midriffs or daytime bare shoulders), and appropriate dress shoes (no casual sandals). The only acceptable dress code exceptions are for national-dress, military, or religious attire. During weekdays, Members and guests in athletic or casual attire must use the Club’s side entrance or rear alley entrance.

Business and Personal Papers

Members and their guests may not display or exchange business or personal papers in the public spaces of the Clubhouse (excluding published materials such as books, magazines, or newspapers). Members may reserve private rooms and use the Correspondence Lounge, within which such papers may be displayed or exchanged.


It is the responsibility of members to assure that their guests are aware of and abide by the Traditions and House Rules of the Club and act in accordance with the Bylaws of the Club. Members sponsoring functions will be held accountable for the actions of the non-members attending sponsored functions. Further, it is the responsibility of members to identify their guests to the Club’s staff.


Photography is permitted in the Clubhouse, but only with prior approval of the General Manager or a member of the Executive Committee and then only for personal use.


Club employees are not permitted to accept any gratuities. Members and guests wishing to show gratitude for the fine service the employees perform are encouraged to make contributions to the Employees' Christmas Fund. Contributions are welcome at any time during the year. Contractors to the Club, valet car parkers for example, are not deemed to be employees of the Club and may receive gratuities at the member’s discretion.


By order of the City of Washington, smoking is not permitted inside the Clubhouse.